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    As you may have found out, we align ourselves with other EU campaigns; we've had a lot of comment about this.

    We must do so.

    At the moment everyone in the EU, in fact in Europe, has metered Internet access - and others have even more punitive tariffs than we have - so getting together is the obvious thing to do.

    Showing that we stand together with other countries enormously enhances national campaigns. There is only a finite set of arguments for unmetered calls - but no plausible arguments, it would seem, for metering calls - so the wider our arguments can be spread, and the greater the awareness of each national campaign, the better.

    Of course our first priority is campaigning in this country, targetting among others the media and the United Kingdom Parliament. However, we will help others too: joining together to lobby the European Parliament, as is being tentatively suggested at the moment, is worth doing.

    Too many people in this country write off the EU and the European Parliament. This is a serious error as, for better or worse, our unwritten constitution binds us to them: they have enormous power and can do a great deal to help us.

    And, as what the EU does is largely ignored in this country, any campaign which deliberately targets it is doing something different - and hence newsworthy.

    Charlie Sands
    Moderator, Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications

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