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    Committed. We are a small group (Committee members plus many other people who help out) of telecommunications users who are concerned about the relative lack of Internet use in this country and have decided to do something about it.

    Coordinated. The Committee meets every week in person to discuss progress: we have our own bulletin board on which the issues are thrashed out. Plus, of course, email, IRC and ICQ.

    Knowledgeable. Having campaigned for some time against Cable and Wireless Communications we know the issues - that, broadly, telecommunications companies are the symptom and the regulatory system the cause.

    Diverse. Only two of the Committee members work in IT or telecommunications.

    Fortunate. Most of the committee have unmetered local calls which we use to connect to Internet Service Providers. This facility was introduced by the Videotron cable company; on that company being taken over by Cable and Wireless Communications there were machinations, but so far no more than machinations to remove the facility. We have been admitted to the Promised Land; we want others to join us!

    Technically able. We have our own server, with unlimited bandwidth, and can do what we want with it. Hence all the interactive facilities you will enjoy on this site.

    Part-time. Everything is done in our spare time, such as we have.

    What we are not

    Paid. Everything we do is voluntary, but being a voluntary organisation does not imply a lack of commitment. We raise money through memberships as there are subscriptions and charges to pay, events to arrange, leaflets and letters to print and post and so on. All personal costs (travelling to meetings, meals and so on) are met individually and not from Campaign funds.

    Ponderous. We ensure that our meetings are tightly run, with a formal agenda and minutes for each one, and make it easy for any Committee member to get in touch with any other at any time.

    Obsessed with technology. Although technology is important it is not everything. Too often discussions about the Internet collapse into abstractions about box X or package Y; apart from anyone else the Moderator is a user interface designer and knows who, ultimately, comes first.

    The League of Nations. We don't just sit behind our computers and grumble, as our achievements show.

    Exclusively BT subscribers. So we have relatively broad experience of what is happening.

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