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    As said elsewhere, most of the cost of the campaign is in unpaid time with travelling expenses and the like paid out of our own pockets. However, money must be spent on certain things, and this page outlines them.

    There were two principal startup costs:

    • We are registered with the Data Protection Registrar as, obviously, we will be storing membership information on computer and using it for our own purposes. The DPR registration cost £75 and will last for three years.

    • Our domain name is registered with Nominet, the United Kingdom registration service: by not doing so we would have had to make do with a less memorable site URL. The Nominet registration cost £95 and will last for two years.

    There is one repeating cost:

    • We pay about £8 a month for our voicemail and fax number, run by JFAX, which gives us faxes and voicemails as timestamped email attachments. Thus we have a permanent record of them without the need to store bits of paper.

    Then, after that, there are seemingly trivial things such as notepaper and postage. Such costs mount up: a mass mailing of two hundred letters costs more than £50 for the postage alone. If we do anything big it may well cost a lot - would you believe that a demonstration could easily cost several hundred pounds?

    That said, two things are 'free':

    • Credit card handling doesn't cost us anything directly as IBill levy no deposit or startup fee. However, they take 13 per cent of each transaction.

    • We are very fortunate with server space:, which we own, is hosted by a well-known ISP. It uses no commercial software, running SuSE Linux and various public domain tools. Much of the Internet is still run on goodwill ...

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