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    The following are reports, ranging from useful to vital, which we have come across on our Web travels.

    Advisory Committee on Telecommunications

    Commissioned by the Government of Eire, their report 'thinks the unthinkable' and is a 'must read'.


    Content and Commerce-Driven Strategies in Global Networks, an EU-commissioned report. Unfortunately, only an executive summary is online, but even that has some important facts and figures.


    This firm of US management consultants produced the frightening Driving Productivity and Growth in the UK Economy, which shows UK productivity well down in the industry sectors, including telecommunications, they examined.

    The Economist

    It has produced a report entitled A Connected World which has been expanded into a book (The Death of Distance by Frances Cairncross). Both are recommended reading.

    The Information Technology Information Council

    This US organisation produced a fundamentally important report, The Effect of Internet Use on the Nation's Telephone Network, which refutes the superficially plausible, and commonly used, arguments about Internet users clogging telephone networks.

    United States Government Electronic Commerce Policy

    This includes the seminal The Emerging Digital Economy.

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