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    There are three simple things you can do to spread word of the campaign:

    Set up an email/news signature

    A signature is a short text file which is added to the end of every email message you send; with the signature in place, anyone reading your messages will only have to double-click on the URL to be redirected to your site and then to the CUT site. See your email package's documentation for details of how to set up a signature, but here are outline instructions for a number of commonly-used packages:

  • Outlook 2000

    Select Tools | Options ... from the menu, then press the Mail Format tab, then press the Signature Picker ... button, then press the New ... button and follow the prompts.

  • Outlook Express

    Select Tools | Stationery ... from the menu, then press the Signature ... button, then fill in the form that pops up.

  • Eudora Light

    Select Tools | Signature from the menu, displaying a submenu with Standard and Alternate. Select Standard. A popup window opens: type or paste the signature into it. Close the window and you will be prompted to save the signature: press the Yes button.

    When sending messages, the drop-down box second from left selects which signature you require. Its options are , Standard and Alternate. Choose Standard before sending.

    To make Eudora use the signature by default, select Tools | Options from the menu: a window opens with an icon bar on the left. Click on the Sending Mail icon, check the Use signature option at the bottom of the window and press OK.

  • Pegasus Mail

    Select Tools | Options from the menu, then press the Signatures button. This opens a window which allows you to define up to nine different signatures: press the Edit button against the one you want to set up, enter a short name for identification, type or paste the signature into the middle text box, press Save, then press OK.

    All of these signatures are available when in Reply/Message: press the Signatures button and select the appropriate one.

    A sample signature file is:

    Joe Bloggs (Tariffville, UK)
    I support the Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications

    You can cut and paste this, replacing the name, username (j-bloggs) and ISP domain name (my-isp) with yours.

    If you use Usenet (news), we encourage you to add a similar signature to your news package. Usenet news, as experience has shown, is the most effective way to publicise a site. Seeing CUT in print is wonderful ... but people have to first read the newspaper or magazine then write down the URL, fire up their PC, get online, open the browser and type it in. Whereas, with a signature, the URL is there and the recipient is already online; all they have to do is double-click on it to launch the site.

    Upload a prewritten Web site

    You don't need to know anything about Web design as we've designed the site for you although, if you do know HTML, please feel free to expand on what we've produced. All you need to do is download the site from here then upload it to your own Web space as provided by your ISP. To do this:

    Download a ZIP file (5KB) containing the pre-made Web site; Unzip this file, producing three files DESCR.TXT, CUT.GIF and INDEX.HTM: if you don't have an unzip program, try WinZip; Upload the three files to your Web space.

    For details of how to use your Web space see the help facilities your ISP should provide.

    This done, if you type in the URL of your Web space you should see this (which I've put, as an example, in my personal Web space); you will then be automatically redirected to the CUT site after 30 seconds.

    Link to CUT

    Please spread the word about CUT by placing a link to this site from your own site. You can use any of the buttons and banners below; the buttons are by Martin Eager, the banner by Graham Devon.

    You don't need any permission from us to use them, but please don't use the images by linking to them on this page (in other words, save copies of the images to your own Web space).

    To copy an image to your machine, right-click on it with your mouse and select Save Image As (Netscape/Mozilla) or Save Picture As (Internet Explorer).

    If you're not sure how to use the images to link to this site, we've provided the HTML code you need underneath each image. Simply cut and paste the text into your HTML editor.

    Please note that as this site uses frames in its design, if yours does as well, we recommend that you open the link in a full browser window. (Include target="_top" in the A HREF="" tag).

    <A HREF=""><IMG SRC="cuticon.gif" BORDER=0 WIDTH=92 HEIGHT=38 ALT="Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications in the UK"></A>

    <A HREF=""><IMG SRC="cuticon2.gif" BORDER=0 WIDTH=92 HEIGHT=38 ALT="Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications in the UK"></A>

    <A HREF=""><IMG SRC="cutbanner.gif" BORDER=0 WIDTH=468 HEIGHT=60 ALT="Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications in the UK"></A>

    Text by Alastair Scott

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