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    More than two years after the Campaign closed we are receiving, to our amazement, a steadily increasing number of requests to remove names from the Supporter List.

    Usually the reason given for the request is that the requestor does not want his or her name made available to third parties.

    We are minded to turn down these requests as, at our last meeting, we agreed that the site would remain (unchanged) for future reference; also, trying to remove information already published is futile because of the existence of, among others, Google Groups and The Wayback Machine. In any case, we wonder why people think that a name on the list would be considered as referring to them given that there is no information linking the name to a specific individual.

    As a compromise, to save a great deal of wasted time on both sides, we have decided to remove the Supporter List to a file which is password-protected, so anyone may still read it but search engines cannot. You may download it here (50KB), and the password is 0fc0m.

    Note that this file is a 7-Zip archive created with iArchiver; the content is a single HTML file.

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