Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications

Death by Powerpoint (27 March 2001)

Last week was one of our busiest so far, with us present at the ISP Interconnect conference and the 8th OFTEL Internet Forum, making three presentations at those events, and also meeting BT.

The conference had about 30 attendees from various fields, and Erol presented a review of current and future interconnect products and our position on those.

At the OIF Erol and Iain presented; the first on the past, present and future of the Campaign and how companies, whether they like it or not, can no longer ignore their subscribers and contributors who have a fund of good ideas and expertise to be harnessed, the second on his decidedly chequered Internet Service Provision experiences over the past few years.

We were considering a headline along the lines of 'Internet companies don't care about their subscribers' as, for a long time, it looked as though attendance at this 'Internet consumers' OIF was going to be relatively poor; fortunately for all involved, it picked up towards the end and there were, on the day, almost 60 attendees. We suspect that many of them are so removed from everyday Internet use what we said came as a shock and woke a few of them up.

You may download the various sets of slides which accompanied the presentations in Powerpoint format:

ISP Interconnect: Erol [55KB]

OIF: Erol [55KB] Iain [180KB]

(download Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer if needed)

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