Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications

Two important upcoming events (27 January 2001)

On 29 January a brave new world is on us with the first meeting of the OFTEL IP Interconnection Group or 'how do we join together the telecommunications networks of the future?'. As mentioned before, IP interconnect is probably the most important telecommunications issue, in the United Kingdom, for this year and many to come: we will have two people there on Monday and will be taking part thereafter.

Building a new Jerusalem from the rubble of the Tower of Babel will be hard; we expect no solution for eighteen months to two years. As the meetings are in confidence we cannot report on them, which is unfortunate but unavoidable.

There has been considerable fuss concerning ISPCON Europe 2001 (6-8 February) and its awards, the Campaign being shortlisted for one of them. More importantly, Erol Ziya will be speaking there, and we hope to produce a transcript of what he says.

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