Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications

An associated site (22 March 2001)

Some time ago one of our Members, Jeremy Morton, asked to do a 'list of unmetered ISPs' and add it to our site.

Frankly, we were lukewarm at first because the Campaign moves slowly and thinks deeply and, in any case, there were, and are, many such sites.

We need not have worried; Jeremy surpassed himself with The UK Unmetered ISP List.

The list has some unique features:

  • It is a one-pager. We like such summaries because they are simple to maintain and can be printed out and read offline;

  • It contains vital information not easily available in one place elsewhere, such as which wholesale unmetered product a service is based on, whether it supports ISDN and whether it supports caller line ID (if it does the service is tied to one phone socket; if it is not subscribers can move around with it, a need we identified earlier).

We are delighted to link to the list and hope that Jeremy will continuously update it as more and more unmetered services appear.

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