Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications

European Telecommunications Boycott (21 April 1999)

On Sunday 6 June 1999 CUT is taking part in a European Telecommunications Boycott with 14 other European countries.

The aim is for as many people as possible in those countries to pull out their telephone plugs, and lay down their modems, for 24 hours in protest at high telecommunications charging.

We're encouraging all telephone users, not just Internet users, to take part. So, without the telephone bell or the computer to annoy you, you can spend that Sunday doing all these things you've been putting off. I (Alastair) will be reading a couple of books which have lain unopened for months because of CUT taking up so much time.

To help spread the word:

1. Take part and tell all your friends, relatives and Internet contacts what's going on.

2. Forward the press release announcing the Boycott to all the organisations you know of. The Press Pack has background information which will let the media know what we're about, plus our contact details, so don't worry about having to summarise what we do yourself.

3. Put a link to the Boycott site on your Web site - if you have one - or, even better, get your company to put the link up on its Web site. Download a ZIP file (7KB) containing the HTML and graphic you need to make the link. Just before the day, take down your site, or get your company's site taken down, and replace it with the blank page inside that ZIP file.

4. Add the following three lines to your email and news signatures:

6 June 1999 - European Telecommunications Boycott
In the United Kingdom - Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications

5. If you're not a supporter of CUT, consider becoming a supporter; if you're already a supporter, consider becoming a member.

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