Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications

The dominoes fall one by one (18 January 2001)

In the current quiet period - which will, doubtless, last until FRIACO Single Tandem is finalised later this month - one event stands out: France announcing the development of an unmetered wholesale Internet access product.

Once one country breaks the mould others have to follow, and France joins the United Kingdom, Germany and Holland in working towards such products.

The difference between France and the other three countries is that France Télécom is 54 per cent state-owned so there is relatively little quibbling when the French Government directs; France Télécom has agreed to make the wholesale service available 'within the next few months'.

And it is always gratifying to read passages like

The announcement follows comments from French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin earlier today calling for the development in 2001 of offers for 'unlimited Internet access for all via an ordinary telephone line.'

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