Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications

AOL and CUT together(4 June 1999)

A warm welcome from the CUT committee to AOL subscribers!

You may well be wondering how AOL and CUT came together. For some time AOL Europe had been moving towards supporting the various European campaigns, then they stated that they support the European Telecommunications Boycott. Everything came together, we met representatives of AOL UK in mid-May, and this meeting produced a number of actions.

So what is happening now and in the future is:

2 June

  • AOL UK subscribers were told of our existence;

  • they were given detailed background information, including an open letter, written by CUT and AOL;

  • they were pointed to a page which tells them who their MP is and are asked to write to them about the cost of Internet access in this country, AOL and CUT providing suggestions for the content of the letter;

  • they were asked to complete an AOL survey which asks various questions about unmetered access.
4 June

At the time of writing the response from AOL subscribers to the CUT and AOL collaboration has been, and is, phenomenal. In one period of five minutes on Wednesday night twenty-nine people signed up to the aims of CUT; there has been a steady flow ever since. We have also gained many new members, and knowledge and awareness of the issue has spread astonishingly quickly.

after 6 June

  • further action, and results, for which you should keep an eye on News.

We feel that the temporary arrangement with AOL leading up to the Boycott has provided new opportunities for CUT, as the response so far shows.

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